Project Management

Index offers a variety of services to support planning, decision-making, and execution in each stage of a property's life cycle--construction, operation and maintenance, and end-of-life (or investment period). Index's unique brand of management consulting-based project management begins with communication aimed at determining how best to combine these services into the ideal project given their specific situation. At Index, "Project Management" does not mean simply managing the project's budget, schedule, and scope, but means offering trusted and objective professional feedback that ensures the project itself is properly aligned with the client's strategic, operational, and financial needs and best interests over the entire life cycle of the asset.

Plannning and managmenet focused on increasing land values while revitalizing neighborhoods and communities.
Fee-based redevelopment planning and management aimed at assisting property owners to realize the full value potential without sacrificing control or a large portion of that value in developer's fees.
Programming, planning, and management for new facilities focused on maximizing the efficiency and value of client assets to their business operations.
Planning and execution for re-aligning a company's property and plant with its business strategy and operations to maximize ROA.
Planning and management for a strategic renovation designed to maximize revenue and achieve other strategic goals.
Expert, client-side oversight and advisory during design and construction to prevent cost overruns, ensure the quality control process.
Support for both the "hard" technical asepcts and "soft" human issues that lie at the heart of planning for and executing a re-build.
Objective expert assessment and planning for achieving the most efficient and cost-effective repair plan for aging buildings
Objective, neutral physical due diligence for investing in or marketing a property.
Planning, managmenet, and monitoring related to building energy efficiency and property environmental hazard remediation.
Planning, management (or support), and review of a diagnostic assessment of your facility's seismic risk profile; and/or for conducting a seismic retrofit.
Assessment of both corporate real estate and CRE management systems, to support strategic re-structuring of a portfolio.
Strategic planning and management for squeezing as much of the latent economic potential from idling lands as possible.
Assistance with business planning, tenant sourcing, and capital procurement for corporate and institutional land owners.
Assessment, planning, and strategy to reduce a building's running costs by "right sizing" not only MEP systems, but also building management service agreements, and operating and maintenance practices.
Assessment of a building's conditions, and creation of the most efficient repair and capital expediture plan
Efficient planning and management of office renovation and consolidation/ relocation projects tailored to meet a client's true needs.
Development and introduction of the optimal facility management structure for a client's business, and post-introduction follow-up as needed.
On-site dispatch of expert facility manager(s) to meet a client's everyday FM needs.