CEO's Message

Since establishing the company over a decade ago, we at Index Consulting have applied our technical expertise and project management skills to a diverse range of projects in architecture, construction, and real estate, always pursuing the greatest benefit and the least risk on behalf of our clients--the ultimate owners of those projects.

Because we do not view the project management process as simply an end in itself, but rather as the means and opportunity to optimize a client's asset for their particular business, we have been able to satisfy our clients and realize their many dreams. The cumulative effect of nurturing each and every project's success is the trust that a large and growing clientele places in us, and I firmly believe that it is at the heart of why we continue to exist today. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest appreciation to all our clients--past, present and future--for entrusting us with the responsibility and privilege of participating in their dreams.

In order to remind the world of the importance of Japan's existence, and to strive to build a nation of sustainable abundance, I believe it is extremely important that more people from all industries pay attention to the many on-the-ground conflicts and issues that exist in their businesses and industries and start taking the initiative to transform them from within. I believe that now more than ever creativity, leadership, and systematic team-building are what is most needed to spur those industries that already possess superior technology and knowhow on to renewed growth and reassert their existence in the world.

We at Index Consulting will continue as we have, strive to establish our unique style of project management tailored to the domestic Japanese architecture, construction, and real estate industries, and using it on behalf of our clients to optimize their business. This is our ongoing commitment to this transformation, and to creating a better Japan with a brighter future for generations to come.