Corporate Philosophy

Trust & Transparency

Founded on loyalty, trustworthiness, and morality, we endeavor to earn the trust of not only our clients but all project stakeholders—both individuals and institutions—by providing full transparency and fairness in all procedures and activities.

Expertise & Innovation

Possessing both pride in and self-awareness of our role as professional consultants, we strive to keep abreast of the latest technical advances, and always strive to challenge convention in order to pioneer solutions that provide ever-increasing added value and superior service to our clients.

Commitment & Leadership

Harboring a deep sense of responsibility and resolve in serving as our clients’ project manager and uncompromised agent, we follow our professional convictions to make every project a success, to bring about total client satisfaction, and to enrich the prosperity of their business.


IC企業指針 Corporate Objectives

Our mission is to make lasting contributions to country and society and to the quality of life for current and future generations.
We seek to do this as a leading consulting firm by:
Revolutionizing the standards of practice in the architecture, real estate, and construction industries within Japan together with our determined clients;
Innovating solutions of our own that will contribute to global best practices; and
Stimulating investment both inside and outside of Japan.

ICビジョン Vision

To achieve universal recognition and adoption of our unique style of client-side project management within Japan;
To attain worldwide recognition and diffusion of our Japanese style of project management; and ultimately,
To become the leading project management firm in the world.

ICクレド Credo

In order to completely understand a client’s needs and their true objectives, we will strive at all times to foster the highest level of communication.

In order to drive each project to its successful completion, we will continuously strive for better solutions, never settling for the status quo.

In order to attain optimal informational exchange and achieve the best possible results, we will strive to foster free and open discussion between all employees.

We will never be satisfied with the status quo, and always strive to improve both personally and professionally and to take on new challenges in the pursuit of new added value.