December 16, 2006
Diamond Weekly

Kimikazu Uemura, head of Index Consulting, was featured in Diamond Weekly’s (Diamond, Inc.: Dec. 16, 2006) article, “Events, Industry, & People” regarding the success he has brought as project manager to businesses seeking to improving the performance of their investments.
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April 28, 2006
Nikkei Business Weekly

In the second chapter of Nikkei Business Weekly’s special article “Dango-naki-Sekai” on the Construction Business, the project management approach of Index Consulting on their Nittan Valve project was featured as an example.

April 14, 2006
Nikkei Business Weekly

A column in Nikkei Business Weekly's 'Jiryu-Choryu' on the “Aneha Issue” featured the new Checking System co-developed by Index Consulting and ABS Consulting as a leading example of “self-defense” to the problem.