November 28, 2008
Nikkei Business NB Online.

An interview with Index Consulting C.E.O. Kimikazu Uemura appears in Nikkei Business Online.
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November 19, 2008
College of Practical Management (Yamashiro Management R&D Institute LTD)

On November 19, Kimikazu Uemura, C.E.O. of Index Consulting Inc, together with Hisao Takahashi, C.E.O. of Nittan Valve Co., Ltd, teamed up to present a lecture on gThe Revolutionary Transformation of Cost into Profit: Reconsidering Onefs Business Space as a Business Asset.h In that talk, Kimikazu Uemura spoke of his role as project manager and consultant for Nittan, and the vital importance of a style of project management that puts the clientfs profits and business interests first in order to maximize both that companyfs competitive advantage and the value of its real estate.
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May 28, 2008
Waseda University Lecture

Kimikazu Uemura, CEO of Index Consulting, presented a lecture on gCutting-edge Project Management Methods in Architectureh at Waseda Universityfs Department of Architecture (School of Creative Science and Engineering). The lecture was part of a series directed at freshmen on the central theme of integrating gArchitecture and Society.h Approximately 160 students attended.
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