March 24, 2014

Notice of Office Relocation

As of March 24, we will move our business to a new location on the 23rd floor of Shiroyama Trust Tower, and will continue serving you in a new environment.

Please note that our telephone & fax number have changed along with this relocation.

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March 3, 2014

Panelist Participation in "Japan Infrastructure and Privatization Conference"

CEO Kimikazu Uemura participated as panelist in “Japan Infrastructure and Privatization Conference” sponsored by Macquarie Group Ltd. at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo. He talked on the subject “Recent Trends in Global Infrastructure and Japan: Roads” based on his experience as Policy Advisor of Aichi Prefecture.
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February 28, 2014

Cabinet to Approve Amendment Bill for "Act on Facilitation of Reconstruction of Condominiums"

The amendment bill for Act on Facilitation of Reconstruction of Condominiums, including a system to support dissolution of condominium ownership, was approved by the Cabinet and thus reported by the MLIT. The Task Force on Obsolescing Mansions (CEO Uemura as Vice-Chairman; Index as executive office) has put long-term efforts in its development, and it is expected to rejuvenate and facilitate reconstruction of overage condominiums which has become an increasing issue due to high hurdles that made rebuilding difficult.
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February 28, 2014

Comment on Pamphlet "Symposium on Future City Initiative"

CEO Kimikazu Uemura made a comment concerning local production for local consumption and the role of Future Cities in a pamphlet distributed at "Symposium on Future City Initiative" in Osaka hosted by Upper House member Takeshi Maeda.
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